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We will continue to Refine our quality, Expand our capabilities and Increase our efficiency.


Elite mission is to deliver high-quality services and satisfy customers' need to meet their business goals more effectively.
Elite is a specialized leader of the health care business in Iraq, more than ten years, we continue to expand our product portfolio, utilizing our experience in direct marketing, distribution channel expansion, and after-sale services.
Our qualified team in the sale and after-sale services is profoundly committed to delivering high-quality services and meet client needs on time.
Founded in Iraq 2009, Elite has a total of more 60 employees, generate sales of more than 40 million USD yearly and in 2013 Amman -Jordan with branch in Iraq –Baghdad , on ne more branch in Erbil with 8 supporting service centers all over Iraq
Registered in the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Trade and Chamber of Commerce, Dun &Bradstreet registration number :56-237-1677

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