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  • Turnkey Projects

    Turnkey Projects

    Providing healthcare consultancy, turnkey design and construction of new hospitals, Lab, medical and lab equipping .
    With our long experience in business and cooperation with leading manufacturers and suppliers, we help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively,
    We plan new hospitals and institutes as well as building, renovations, upgrades, and extensions.
    Furthermore, our scope of work including operation rooms design and equipment supply, renovation of existing operation rooms, we do supply dialysis center turnkey center, Lab design with furniture, so our scope starts with basic health facilities for primary health care and ends at large Hospitals.
    So we put together an integrated team of architects, engineers, strategists, clinicians, and construction experts who are passionate about building facilities that reduce lengths of stay and encourage caregiver participation.
    Our proven and completely transparent process always works in the interest of our clients—and is led by the best minds in the industry.
    We help healthcare providers create patient-centered environments that we would like to visit–ones that make us all better while being convenient and cost-effective.
    Our team’s passion to create better healthcare environments for all of us will allow you to provide the best treatment–now and in the future–because at some point, we are all patients.

    We Can Do:

    In cooperation with leading international firms, we providing healthcare consultancy, turnkey design and construction of new hospitals, according to following scope of work:

    • Medical and Non-medical Equipment Planning
    • Design, Architect, and Engineering
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Construction Supervision
    • Project Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Budget and Risk Management
    • Cost Estimation
    • Contract Administration
    • Initial Operations

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