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  • Elite International Medical & Lab Equipment
  • +964 771 994 5637
  • info@eliteiraq.com
  • Letter from CEO

    We believe that our five principles – quality, responsibility, reliability, efficiency and integrity – In addition to our experience and knowledge have always guided our company to grow in our business and build up strong partnership; not only with our partners, but with our team and with our customers.
    Our personal integrity, our shared values & our ethical business conduct from the basis of our company reputation.
    When combined with the quality and performance of our services, those elements create an incredibly powerful platform for business success and professional growth for all of us.

    Although , we faced many challenges, obstacles, and difficulties, we have insisted on translating our ideas and visions into achievements.
    We feel that we have grown stronger in our business through the bearing of all these circumstantial threats and difficulties.
    I believe that we can move closer to realizing our mission :
    High-quality of products and services  can enable our customers to meet their business goals more effectively.

    Dr. Furat A. Hussein

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